Apache 4000 PSI 18′ Telescoping Pressure Washer Wand

The telescoping wand extends from 6′ to 18′ for fast, easy access to those hard to reach places without using ladders. The main body is constructed of fiberglass with two aluminum telescoping extensions. Wand is coupled with a 3/8″ male quick disconnect plug inlet and a female metric outlet, and includes a 15″ extension wand coupled with male metric and 1/4″ quick disconnect socket for quickly changing attachements.

Brand Name: Apache


  • For use with hot or cold water pressure washers
  • Extends from 6′ to 18′
  • Eliminates safety issues with cleaning on a ladder
  • Easily clean high, hard to reach areas from the ground
  • Fiberglass wand body with aluminum telescoping extensions
  • Includes 15″ wand attachment to convert wand outlet to a quick disconnect socket
  • Includes Wand with 3/8″ Male Quick Disconnect Plug Inlet and Female Metric Outlet, 15″ Extension Wand with Male Metric and 1/4″ Quick Disconnect Socket




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Full Day: $30.00

Weekend: $45.00

Dirty/Unclean Fee: $20.00 minimum and $50.00 / hour

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